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House Cleaners Oshawa - Tub & Tile

Tub & Tile

Tub & Tile cleans tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and other bathroom surfaces When you use this product, you are using the power of nature - no harsh chemicals or smells - to safely melt away soap scum, lime scale, and hard water sentiments.

  • no chlorine bleach, toxic chemicals, or harsh fumes. Just the smell of clean
  • just spray on, let sit for a few minutes, scrub and rinse off
House Cleaners Oshawa - Clear Power

Clear Power

Use ClearPower on all glass, stainless steel, and other shiny surfaces

House Cleaners Oshawa - Safe & Mighty

Safe & Mighty

This is a new product and works well. Has a lavender scene which leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Here is an effective and environmentally responsible way to keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh. All new Safe & Mighty delivers unmatched cleaning power with the organic acids that keep your bathroom smelling as clean as it looks.

House Cleaners Oshawa - No Work 12X

No Work 12X

Improved No Work cleans the shower for you daily.

Hate cleaning the shower? No Work does if for you - in just seconds. An all new sheeting actions speeds the removal of soap scum and hard water spots from your shower surfaces, keeping your shower looking cleaner longer, with no hard scrubbing. With a great new scent.

House Cleaners Oshawa - Sol-U-Mel


Sol-U-Mel is a naturally derived, oil powered, stain removing, smell busting powerhouse. There is nothing like it. From pet stains, to permanent marker, to carpet spills, Sol-U-Mel saves you you from costly repairs and replacements, and spares your home from dangerous chemicals. Use at full strength to remove tough stains or dilute for general cleaning and deodorizing.

Leaves a great smell behind.

House Cleaners Oshawa - Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Sol-U-Guard Botanical

This product cleans the dirt you can see and kills the germs you can't - and does it using thyme oil and citric acid instead or chlorine bleach and ammonia. Kills over 99 percent of common household germs. EPA registered to kill rotavirus, influenza A (swine/loss/15/30), and MRSA.

House Cleaners Oshawa - Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Tough & Tender All Purpose

While you always need a good all purpose cleaner around the house that is safe to use every day, with no chemicals smells. Wipe material is biodegradable - a rarity in the marketplace.

House Cleaners Oshawa - Mela Magic

Mela Magic

Cutting grease and cleaning floors like magic. MelaMagic is your secret weapon for tackling tough jobs - from greasy BBQ to grimy floors. You get industrial strength clean without ammonia, chloride bleach, or tot her caustic chemicals.

House Cleaners Oshawa - Rustic Touch

Rustic Touch

Rustic Touch features carnauba wax (the hardest natural wax), shines, protects, and conditions wood, vinyl, and leather plus stainless steel.

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